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Season 3 - One Week In

This game鈥檚 a sniper鈥檚 dreamland now. I know a lot are complaining about the slower pace and snipe-heavy gameplay, but I鈥檓 happy. I like a good change up. So here鈥檚 a nice little montage of my first day on World鈥檚 Edge, and some sweet moments over the first week.
And who knows? Maybe they鈥檒l open up both maps so everyone has a landscape and play style to their choosing!
Keep it real, Clutch Fam. Play, post, party on!! 馃馃馃
1 month ago
FIRE MUSIC. good editing too 1 month ago
I was bobbing my head the whole time 1 month ago
I like it a lot too 1 month ago
Thanks, everybody! I had a lot of fun making this one! 1 month ago
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