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🤯‼️41 Squad Kill W‼️🤯💯GODSQUAD💯

@Divine , @Baked , oItsBlaZn and I went on a tear the other day. Pushing every shot we heard n mowing everyone down!!! We combined with 41 kills and 7,330 damage!!!Make sure to give them a follow AND peep that after action report!!!👀 ——————————————

‼️Make sure to hit that Notification Button and I’ll do the same‼️Feel Free to tag me ➕ follow/add me on xbox1‼️Enjoy! # IV #AN #KCCO #SDS #REKD

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1 month ago
41K 😅 nobody stood a chance lol. Think that’s the highest squad kills I’ve ever seen 1 month ago
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