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Dundee and Angus College Launch Scotland’s First Esports Degree

Dundee and Angus College

Dundee and Angus College has officially announced that the have launched the first esports-centric degree, called The Esports and Creative Industries Art Foundation Degree, in Scotland, which will arrive in August 2023.

The Esports and Creative Industries Art Foundation Degree, which is a two-year program with an optional additional year, will aim to educate students on a variety of skills, such as managing and organizing events, as well as understanding the esports landscape, audience engagement analysis, and conduct.

Applications are now open for enrollment.

“Our Foundation Degree in esports has been uniquely created from scratch with a range of academic, industry and professional playing experts to ensure that it is current and relevant to the esports industry” Lee Lappin, Head of Sector, at Dundee and Angus College said, according to Esports Insider.

“We have focused on the practical elements of esports and will provide our students with multiple placement and project opportunities throughout the course with our range of industry partners.”

“Our new innovative esports hub will allow learners to set up, run and stream live tournaments and we have embedded this practicality into a modern way of assessing. As an educational partner for the newly proposed arena in Dundee we are also creating a pathway for our learners to enter the industry on completion of the course.”

This marks another major step for the college esports niche and college esports teams around the world.

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