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Fastest-Growing Twitch Streamers of 2022


2022 is now officially in the rear-view mirror and now we get to take a look at some of the fastest-growing Twitch streamers of the 2022 year which includes some familiar names and new ones as well, thanks to a report from stat platform SullyGnome.

As content creation continues to shift, and a number of platforms struggling to generate revenue and profits throughout 2022, it is impressive to see the amount of creators that have been able to generate increased audience numbers.

Still, 2023 is a pivotal year for content creation, specifically as it related to platforms such as Twitch and Trovo, as live-streaming will need to turn the tides to remain stabile.

Here is a Top 10 list breakdown.

1 ElSpreen 6,125,598 3,827,353
2 juansguarnizo 9,564,012 3,383,179
3 Ibai 12,192,451 3,350,413
4 Auronplay 14,312,752 3,265,720
5 ElMariana 6,213,019 3,175,079
6 Kai Cenat 3,524,645 2,664,292
7 Rubius 13,307,198 2,573,723
8 AriGamePlays 5,354,137 2,498,639
9 Casimito 3,426,105 2,114,934
10 rivers_gg 2,339,794 1,972,551

It is important to keep in mind that gains in followers doesn’t necessarily convert to subscriptions, or even viewers, so while these numbers show a part of potential growth, it does not indicate any revenue or profitability.


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