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Nielsen Says Peacock NFL Playoff Game Led Biggest Streaming Day Ever


Peacock continues to celebrate their astounding success streaming an NFL playoff game earlier this year, and the numbers demonstrate the sheer viability of the live sports streaming industry and it’s resounding demand.

Nielsen says that Peacock’s first streaming-exclusive NFL playoff game, between the Miami Dolphins and the eventual Super Bowl champion Kansas City Chiefs, propelled the platform to the biggest day ever on a streaming platform, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

According to Nielsen, there was a 3.7% uptick in January 2024 for Peacock, compared to December 2023. Furthermore, total time spent watching TV was the highest in four years, excluding the pandemic lockdown months of March and April 2020.

Additionally, streaming platforms (36 percent of all TV use) and broadcast networks (24.2 percent) both increased their share of viewing from December 2023, while Cable television saw some boosts in January, but not as much as overall television usage which led to a share fall by three tenths of a point to 27.9%.

January also featured nine of the 10 highest volume days on streaming since Nielsen began tracking highlighted by January 13th which came out at top with a whopping 40.78 billion minutes of viewing.

The Dolphins/Chiefs playoff game (January 13th) that streamed exclusively on Peacock, averaged close to 23 million viewers and clocking 3.9 billion minutes of watch time (including over-the-air broadcasts in the teams’ local markets).

That accounted for 10% of all streaming viewership for that day and also boosted Peacock to new heights in January, marking its largest share of viewing for a month in the Gauge rankings, and accounting for 1.6% of all TV use for the month.

Trailing Peacock was YouTube at 8.6% and Netflix at 7.9%.

Nielsen’s Gauge (January 2024)


Streaming: 36 percent of all TV use
Cable: 27.9 percent
Broadcast: 24.2 percent
Other: 11.8 percent

Streaming Services

YouTube: 8.5 percent of all TV use
Netflix: 7.9 percent
Prime Video: 2.8 percent
Hulu: 2.7 percent
Disney+: 1.9 percent
Peacock: 1.6 percent
Tubi: 1.5 percent
Max: 1.3 percent
Roku Channel: 1.1 percent
Paramount+: 0.9 percent
Pluto TV: 0.7 percent

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