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Pokimane Starts Podcast Called ‘Don’t Tell Anyone’


Pokimane, considered to be one of the most popular female streamers in the industry, has recently launched a brand new podcast called ‘The Don’t Tell Anyone’ podcast where she is discussing some personal stories.

While the podcast is on Youtube and not a podcast streaming platform such as Spotify (known to lure in popular personalities for podcast broadcasting deals), it is already churning out content with 3 episodes posted since it’s launch.

The third episode has been drawing a lot of attention as Pokimane dove into a particularly toxic relationship she had that involved her significant other cheating on her.

The very first episode of the new podcast series started out with Pokimane setting the table by saying – “things I’ve never admitted online.”

In the latest episode Pokimane goes into the relationship. Pokimane names the man ‘Jake’ and explains that the two met in high school. While the relationship started out good, it would take a turn following Pokimane denying ‘Jake’s requests for sex.

“So this issue resulted in some of the absolute weirdest experiences of my whole life,” she said (h/t Dexerto). “Like there were times where we might be finally hanging out in person and he’d be pushing me to have sex with him. And when I say no, I kid you not, he would throw a temper tantrum and he was older than me.”

Pokimane expressed her feelings because of this and then dove deeper into the story by discussing her mutual friend ‘Samantha’ who ended up being the girl that ‘Jake’ would cheat on Pokimane with. Pokimane was met with a rather harsh response when she confronted Jake about it, with Jake saying – “what the f**k does it matter” because it had happened so long ago.

“I never heard my friends telling me that they were pressured by someone and felt terrible and said no. And it was one of the best decisions that they’ve ever made in their life. And I want to tell you guys sitting here today, I am so, so certain that that was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my whole life.”

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