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Robert Englund Wants Two Remakes of ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ to Happen

a nightmare on elm street

The original Freddy Krueger wants to see the iconic horror character don the infamous gloved knives a few more times.

Actor Robert Englund, who portrayed Krueger during all of the Nightmare films with the exception of the 2009 remake (Krueger was played by Jackie Earle Haley), spoke about his desire to see two films in particular within the franchise be remade if possible.

Those two films are A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors or A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge, and said that he would be willing to make a cameo in each film.

“I certainly think that they should reboot [A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors], because 3 has a ‘previously on Nightmare on Elm Street’ sense to it, and it reunites everybody, and it is the fan favorite” Englund said, according to

“I think if you took a poll or a vote, you’d find out more people like Dream Warriors than any other film. And it’s a good script. The original script for that is terrific, and if you look at who wrote it, those people have Oscars now. And then I would love to do a cameo in it, maybe switch genders and play the Priscilla Pointer, Amy Irving’s mother’s role, the skeptical, cynical therapist who doesn’t believe they’re all having a common dream, a dream in common, a nightmare, a collective nightmare. I think that would be fun, a nice wink at the audience. It’s traditional in a remake to bring somebody back from the original.

But yeah, it’s hard. I mean, I would love to see a sensitive, contemporary director, independent, Spirit Award-winning director or somebody reboot [Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge] and really explore Freddy’s manipulation of the boy in that and the boy’s burgeoning bisexuality. I think today, we could do that. We could deal with that and what’s going on there and play with the psychology of it and Freddy’s manipulation of that and really make that heroic. I think that would be interesting to do. I think we’re ready for that.”

Englund also offered his idea to use iconography from the core series, to reimagine them in more ambitious ways that may draw influence from the mythology to expand them in other directions.

“All people know about Freddy Krueger is that he’s disfigured from burns. He wears a hat. He has a red-and-green sweater on and a claw. That’s all they know. They don’t really call it a fedora, I don’t think. They don’t go into great description of the claw, the glove, or the sweater, other than maybe the stripes,” the actor expressed. “So the sweater could be a cardigan. The hat could be an old frayed baseball hat. The claws could have huge blades on them like Wolverine or little tiny sharp nails on them. It could be leather fetish. It could be S&M bondage-ish. We don’t know. Freddy could be taller. Freddy could be older. Freddy could be younger. Freddy could be shorter. Freddy could be fat.”

It remains to be seen if a remake is in the works, but given the popularity and success of a number of horror remakes over the last few years, it is entirely possible that we could see Krueger terrorizing teens on screen again, either in the theaters or on your favorite horror streaming platform.

“They remake everything, and they’re going to remake it sooner or later, and I think one of the tricks would be to find one actor that can go the distance, play Freddy over and over again” he added.


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