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Snapchat Launches New Generative AI ‘Dreams’ Option


Snapchat is continuing it’s journey into the expansive world of AI and how it can implement the tech into it’s platform, and has unveiled a new element called ‘Dreams’ that allows users to place themselves into imagined landscapes in a new creative wrinkle on the popular social media app.

“When Lenses arrived in 2015, Snapchatters were delighted as they transformed their look through augmented reality” the company explained in an official statement. “Recent advancements in AI are unlocking even more possibilities. Starting today, with a new Gen AI powered feature called Dreams, Snapchatters can create fantastical images that let them try on new identities – be it a mermaid in a deep-seascape, or a renaissance era royal.”

While the development may excite some users, it will come at a price as Snapchat reportedly has plans to charge for Dreams creations, with the first “pack” of eight images available for free, then any subsequent set costing you $0.99 via in-app purchase.

It’s not hard to predict that this will be another successful revenue stream for Snapchat given the success that Snapchat+ has had, with over 4 million subscribers a year following it’s initial launch making it one of the most successful social media subscription offerings.

Snap also plans to enable users to add friends to their images in future, creating even more trending opportunities and enhancing engagement.

For those curious to find out when ‘Dreams’ will make it’s arrival, SnapChat’s new feature will first be made available to users in Australia and New Zealand, before rolling out globally “over the next few weeks”.


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