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Successful Tips To Maximize Views On YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular product of Google. It is estimated according to research that approximately 90

Successful Tips To Maximize Views On YouTube Videos

YouTube is one of the most popular product of Google. It is estimated according to research that approximately 90 hours of videos are uploaded every minute on YouTube.

YouTube allow its users to upload their videos, monetize their videos and earn money from monetizing their videos. If you have some good number of subscribers on your YouTube channel, then you can make good money from your YouTube channel by adding your AdSense account to it. But you should avoid uploading Copyrighted videos.
It still remains a fact that videos uploaded by big brands such as music industries or celebrities gets millions of views in a days, even within a minute but small scale users need to do some extra hardwork to attract viewer’s attention. So really a YouTube channel needs hardwork coupled with smartwork.

Today, we will be sharing some YouTube SEO Tips to help show your videos in top of search results of Google and increase views on your videos.

Below Are Some YouTube SEO Tips >>>

• Make Use Of Search Engine Friendly Title Of The Video:

The Video title refers to the name given to your video and name by which your video will be displayed to the visitors. Video title should be in accordance with the content inside the video. Have in mind that A Title that perfectly match search keywords get more visitors. A title should be 100% SEO friendly.

Here are some important tools to make use of while giving your video a title and keywords:

√ Google Search Auto-Complete (For Title Suggestions)
√ SEO tools like SEMrush (For Keywords)

So if you are creating a tutorial video on How to use google then you can use your video title as “How to use google search”. This will drive massive traffic to you.

• Using Closed Captions feature in video on YouTube:

Use Closed Caption subtitle feature in your video because this will help the audience to understand the video easily and it can be translated into different languages.
Using the closed caption in video will help your video to be indexed so easy in top search results since it was written in a keyword in the search engine index.

• Use Catchy Description of the Video:

Description of the video should be nice and catchy and likewise up to point to attract viewers easily. The First two line should be a short-attractive summary of the video. It will attract viewers automatically and easily.

• Rename Your Video Before Uploading:

If your video name looks like this ‘peartrend.mp4’ then change it to ‘video-title-name.mp4’. Why ?
Because when you upload your video to YouTube then they’ll save the original file name in their server and this may cause lower ranking in search result.
Video file name as the title of your video easily helps search engines to index the videos and this opens the flood gate to get higher rankings. Put your own targeted keywords in the video file name.

Hey✋✋!! Don’t just sit there and expect views to be looking for you. Why not look for them now, applying these tips above ?
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