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TSM Releases Results of Independent Investigation into Conduct of CEO


TSM CEO and founder Andy ‘Reginaled’ Dinh has released the results of an independent investigation into his conduct towards TSM staff following allegations of bullying surfaced, according to to an official announcement.

“The investigation revealed that there was no unlawful conduct by Mr. Dinh. None of the witnesses interviewed had witnessed or were aware of conduct or derogatory comments aimed at and/or based on any protected characteristic, i.e. gender, race, religion, sexual orientation,” the statement said (posted to Twitter using Twitlonger).

The “toxic workplace” at TSM was reported on by the Washington Post back on May 4th. Additionally, Riot Games was reportedly conducting their own investigation into TSM’s CEO and founder, according to Wired.

Dinh said that his management style is “direct, open and honest” and stated that his communication style is “not effective at times”.

“I will be more mindful of others and being inclusive while still maintaining a fun culture,” he said.

The statement indicated that Dinh would be undergoing “executive training”.

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