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Twitch Facing Employee Exodus


Amid a culture slash and a divide over company strategy, Twitch is facing an employee exodus with over 360 employees leaving over the course of the last few months due to a complete divide in community approach.

According to Bloomberg, Twitch has faced an exodus of executives since the start of 2022 with six top employees a part of the exit, including the chief operating officer, chief content officer and head of creator development.

300 other employees left in 2021, and an additional 60 have left thus far in 2022.

“We went down the Silicon Valley route, hiring from Facebook from Twitter,” Marcus ‘DJ Wheat’ Graham, former head of creator development, claiming that many of the newer execs were “unwilling to learn what this community was, why it was special”.

Another ex-employee added: “The customer was the content creator. If you’re not passionate about the product, you’re not really looking at it from the customer’s lens. And so you don’t have the same level of empathy.”

Twitch issued the following statement:

“The common thread for all employees is a drive to serve our community—from staff members who started as streamers themselves to those who integrate themselves into Twitch culture when they start at Twitch.

“Serving a community as dynamic as Twitch’s means there isn’t always one clear solution or answer, and as a result we have always believed in being experimental and innovative – even when that means launching a bold product or experiment that might have short-term risks, but will ultimately help us build the best possible solution.”

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