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Twitter Expands Community Notes to More Regions


Twitter is furthering their efforts to expand it’s Community Notes feature as the company aims to further establish their new ‘Trust as a Service’ approach, which is part of their strategy to provide more truthful and critical news and information, according to the company.

Twitter’s Elon Musk spoke about the efforts, but there is still some tempered expectations as we await to see how it is actually rolled out.

The company stated the following: “We are now admitting contributors from the UK , Ireland , Australia  and New Zealand  — welcome to Community Notes! Want to help?”

“We admit new contributors in batches, growing the contributor base by ~10% per week. We’re monitoring quality and continuing to expand to new countries over time”

Twitter’s been working to build Community Notes (formerly ‘Birdwatch’) into a version of crowd-sourced fact-checking that they intend to help reduce their own obligations in moderating content, and to empower users of the platform to decide what information is acceptable, or not.


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