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VCT 2023 LOCK//IN Brazil Broadcasting via Riot Games on Twitch, YouTube


VCT LOCK//IN Brazil, first event of the 2023 Valorant Champions Tour, will feature all 30 partnered esports teams from the EMEA, Paciic, and Americas leagues and will be hosted by Riot Games, marking the biggest VALORANT event hosted to date.

VCT LOCK//IN Brazil will run from February 13th, 2023 through March 4th and take place at Ginásio do Ibirapuera in São Paulo.

For those who are interested in tickets, you can purchase them globally via Ticket360 starting on December 13th, with prices running from $16.70 through $27.99.

Below are the current rosters of all 30 teams:

VCT Americas teams:

100 Thieves Asuna, bang, stellar, Derrek, Cryocells
Cloud9 leaf, Xeppaa, vanity, yay, Zellsis, qpert
Evil Geniuses Apotheon, C0M, Boostio, Reformed, jawgemo, BcJ, Ethan
FURIA qck, mwzera mazin, dgzin, Khalil, kon4n
KRÜ NagZ, Klaus, xand, Daveeys, Melser, axeddy
Leviatán kiNgg, Tacolilla, Shyy, Nozwerr, Mazino, keznit
LOUD aspas, Saadhak, Less, cauanzin, tuyz
MIBR jzz, frz, heat, Murizz, rglm, txozin
NRG s0m, FNS, crashies, victor, ardiis, Thwifo
Sentinels TenZ, zekken, Sacy, paNcada, dephh, SicK

VCT EMEA teams:

BBL AsLanM4shadoW, Turko, QuotinerX, Brave, Elite
Fnatic Boaster, Derke, Alfajer, Leo, Chronicle
FUT mojj, qw1, MrFaliN, Muj, qRaxs, ATA KAPTAN
Giants Fit1nho, hoody, Cloud, rhyme, nukkye
KCorp ScreaM, Nivera, xms, Shin, Newzera
KOI Koldamenta, Sheydos, Trexx, Wolfen, Goked, Famsii
NAVI ANGE1, Shao, Zyppan, SUYGETSU, cNed
Heretics keloqz, Boo, Mixwell, zeek, AvovA
Liquid soulcas, Jamppi, nAts, Redgar, Sayf, dimasick
Vitality ceNder, BONECOLD, MOLSI, Destrian, Twisten

VCT Pacific teams:

DetonatioN Gaming Suggest, Reita, xnfri, Anthem, Seoldam, takej
DRX stax, Rb, BuZz, MaKo, Zest, Foxy9
Gen.G Meteor, k1Ng, iNTRO, TS, eKo, Secret
Global Esports AYRIN, T3xture, WRONSKI, Bazzi, Monyet, SkRossi, Lightningfast
Paper Rex f0rsakeN, Benkai, mindfreak, Jinggg, d4v41
RRQ EJAY, 2ge, Emman, Tehbotol, fl1pzjder, Lmemore
T1 ban, xeta, Munchkin, Sayaplayer, BeomJun, Carpe
Talon Crws, foxz, sushiboys, garnetS, jitboyS, Patiphan
Team Secret BORKUM, Jremy, DubsteP, JessieVash, invy, lenne
ZETA DIVISION Laz, crow, Dep, TENNN, SugarZ3ro, barce


Additionally, VCT LOCK//IN Brazil will be broadcast live on Riot Games’ Twitch and YouTube channels, respectively.

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