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YouTube Announces Updated Monetization Guidelines, New Analytics Tools


YouTube has officially announced brand new updates to their Advertiser Friendly Guidelines which are in place to help determine which content could be potentially eligible for monetization with their app.

Here are the elements being updates:

  • Adult content – Video thumbnails containing adult links, bad language and adult material will not be eligible for monetization.
  • Violence – Content showing dead bodies without context, game violence directed at real people and ’videos showing an implied moment of death’ will not be eligible for ad revenue. YouTube will also demonetize acts that are created ‘to intentionally shock and disgust’ within the context of violent acts.
  • Harmful or dangerous acts – Dangerous acts or stunts featuring minors as participants or victims may not receive ad revenue. This is an important focus given the rise in child deaths as a result of participating in dangerous online challenges.
  • Inappropriate language – YouTube says that all varieties of profanity will now treated equally, and will not be differentiated based on levels of severity – though YouTube does also note that it’s not treating words like ‘hell,’ and ‘damn’ as profanity anymore. Though this is a little weird: ‘Content where profanity is used AFTER the first 8 seconds may receive ad revenue. However, if profanity is used in the first 8 seconds of the video, then it will not monetize.’ Right.
  • Drug-related content – In addition to the existing rules around the display and discussion of illegal drugs, drug use and/or mentions of drugs in gaming content will now also trigger de-monetization.
  • Enabling dishonest behavior – This is a new guideline designed to tackle the rising spate of prank videos where people impersonate store employees. YouTube says that pretending to be a retail store employee without the property owner’s permission will now also trigger demonetization. Another aspect within this category is cheating in video games, with the use of hacking software in competitive e-sports now also against the rules.

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