O (God鉁旓笍 )

#1 Call of Duty Player Canada (4 Years Straight) #15 MW Career #11 MW Kills #8 MW Wins #5 Max Level Xbox (October 28th)

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1 year ago
@O followed you on twitch 馃馃徎 keep up the great content! 11 months ago
damn 6 months ago and it's still getting you bs reposts even though you still haven't given anything away. But I'm sure you are keeping up with the points like you said ROFL. This is by far the cheapest and dirtiest trick I have seen anyone use on here. You should be ashamed of yourself. 馃檮 I'm still new here and the reason I went to your page in the first place wad to check you out after hearing some really nasty things about you. Do you realize you are the number 1 reason THREE people have left this application? This place would be much better off without you. 10 months ago
Oh, and don't spam my DMs for likes and reposts again. You'd think someone who has been here as long as you wouldn't go that low. 10 months ago
uygvggg gggggggvggh. ygvgggyg 6 months ago
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