My squad Died? No Problem!

681 views 聽路聽 1 year ago 13
1 1 year ago
My squad died at the beginning and i literally camped there for like 20 minutes馃槀
Like and repost for a shoutout! @Cold @Chronic @Hi @Ok @Red @Whisky @Hype @Elusive
BrightmoeTrezzo 1 year ago
Seany 1 year ago
The emotes not working though 馃槀
1 1 year ago
Exactlyyyy @Seany this game is trash馃槶
Kills 1 year ago
Hey I was wondering if you'd like to add each other to the shout out list on all posts/reposts. I'm all WW2 to the vast majority of my followers are, too. something you may not be getting attention from and vise versa. let me know or just add me and I'll see the notifications. I see my notifications when ppl add new clips with me tagged and always show love to em religiously and ASAP.


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