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AJAY_0ld_Sk00l 27 days ago
Mirimar full game, making use of that gun🔥 Winchester, 4k recorded and edited.
Song 'Sail' by AwolNation🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊🔊
Always put your headset into your phone for a true sound experience
These guys have always shown support, true clutchers and editors.
Pubg Shooters and clippers.
@TTG Dubble
@TTG xSixtySeven
@HSS GirthBrooks
SpacewizzyYT 26 days ago
That intro tho🤧🔥🔥
Flanno11 25 days ago
Bro!!! Awesome! Love the winny! Some sound snipes in there bro🔥🔥
AJAY_0ld_Sk00l 25 days ago
@Flanno11 Winchester is becoming a favourite, unjust tracks that next round so quickly
AJAY_0ld_Sk00l 25 days ago


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