What Was This Squad Doing? 馃槀 Squad Wipe 馃敟

735 views 聽路聽 8 days ago 46
ALovelyRaven 8 days ago
This squad was lagging at first. They weren鈥檛 really trying to kill me that easily 馃槀 Got the squad wipe 馃敟
Might use this clip for Apex Legends: Whole Squad Down Challenge
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purehollow89 8 days ago
OneNonlyBLONDIE 7 days ago
If only all Gibbys went down that easily lol
ALovelyRaven 7 days ago
@OneNonlyBLONDIE Lol 馃槀 I hate trying to kill him because of that shield he has
THECRUS8DER 7 days ago
That poor squad was so lost...and that gibby had no idea what was going on馃ぃ

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