I Don’t Really Use Snipers But Did Well On This 2v2 Gunfight 🔥

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ALovelyRaven 15 days ago
I be saying “I’m not good with snipers” is the reason why I don’t really use snipers but I did well with a sniper on this 2v2 Gunfight 🔥
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Narniia 15 days ago
The right attachments make aiming as quick as MW3. 💯
ALovelyRaven 15 days ago
Thanks everyone! @Narniia I think on 2v2 Gunfight Mode, I think they give you a weapon with different attachments at times
KingTomasu 14 days ago
good job
ALovelyRaven 14 days ago
@KingTomasu Thanks 😊

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