my boyfriend hit that 馃敧馃槏馃槺

831 views 聽路聽 22 days ago 24
alxinaa 22 days ago
@Divine you鈥檙e a god. your face when you hit that was priceless 馃グ
jacobnelz 22 days ago
TurtleTushy 21 days ago
@ehsnipes I agree it's especially annoying that you can't block featured posts...馃悽馃ぎ
Divine 21 days ago
@TurtleTushy who likes their own comments tho?
EhSnipes 21 days ago
Just not following is the answer @jacobnelz 馃槀馃槀features for a game I ain鈥檛 playing but live the game lol

COD: Black Ops 4

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