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Everyone please go follow my Twitch when you do message me saying done and you will be put on the list for a chance to win a $25 code your choice on how you want it done. When I hit 500k followers I’ll be doing the give away. There will be plenty more as well in the near future. So everyone go follow my twitch and message me saying done come on guys it shouldn’t be hard with 67k followers on this amazing app I love my clutch fam. 🥰🥰 Go follow to enter!!!♥️

Follow the Homies @DeeksDaFreak🔥 @Apricity @Stunt @O @F_P_The_Ghost @Elusive @Kills @J @Im_Grinin

@KUSHmanThePACK @pestilence @Kreachuur @kills
4 months ago
I dont know how somebody did not shoot you 4 months ago
@BeastkillzYT lol 🤷🏼‍♂️ 4 months ago
I'm confused once you got 1k? 4 months ago
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