458 views 聽路聽 12 months ago 7
BacanoBatista 12 months ago
Quads on blackout. Me as the last man on the quad. Going against 2 teams of 2 at the final circle. End up clutching it & claiming Victory Royale! @Clutch @DubbleJumpChump @AyooooBroodayyy
BacanoBatista 12 months ago
@MrMasterJager let鈥檚 one run right now!!馃敟
MrMasterJager 12 months ago
@BacanoBatista chilln watchn a movie rn. I鈥檒l add you, we can run some tomorrow if you want
BacanoBatista 12 months ago
@MrMasterJager sounds good to me! Let鈥檚 get some dubs for @Clutch 馃敟
MrMasterJager 12 months ago
@BacanoBatista fosho! 馃馃

COD: Black Ops 4

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