My boy said this is too much stress and took the easy way out! Rip..

145 views  ·  10 months ago 7
ClaysTired 10 months ago
Lmao for real tho I got blamed for this do you guys think it’s my fault or his lmao I need a serious vote rn..
squaaad: @Keb @Scubbastevee @1 @tips @kills @hoodies@ZicoNasty @OG_GO @ohhlogaN @Ciggy @DougSlays🤙🏼
FlippantElm 10 months ago
FlippantElm 10 months ago
I’m dead
ClaysTired 10 months ago
@FlippantElm lmao I refuse to take responsibility!! We were dying for sure that was so funny

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