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CRIZNAC 6 months ago
@MISSMURDERox and myself painting some noobs black on some duo shit! FOLLOW THE BCGC TEAM PAGE!! TOP POSTERS OF RDR2 ONLINE!!
Also follow these amazing content creators! @MISSMURDERox @BCGC_BLANKA @BCGC_GOON @BCGC__LOPE @kaylspeller @JAYFROMCLT @pinkboston @JuicesWithin @TERPYSQUIRTS @KodakKent48 @PtkCinGod @PTKloudddpackz @tgdoomslayer @TGDatDude4j @ehsnipes @KINGGOKU @Zydeax @Jooskie @SLAPABIFF @Jlaboy302
iZGhostAceZz 5 months ago
defenetly following
CRIZNAC 5 months ago
@iZGhostAceZz *definitely
CRIZNAC 5 months ago
@iZGhostAceZz go spam me with likes and reposts now so i can follow you back
iZGhostAceZz 5 months ago
@CRIZNAC sure man but I will still be waiting for or future 1 on 1 deal?


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