yall like my deagle shot 馃う鈥嶁檪锔忦煈

759 views 聽路聽 2 months ago 45
Daddytriz 2 months ago
follow me on ig I've been cookin @daddytriz
MrBeatThatUp 2 months ago
Dog damn son! Flexed on all these fools @Daddytriz
MrBeatThatUp 2 months ago
You ever play a kid named V9 on PC when the beta was out?
Daddytriz 2 months ago
@MrBeatThatUp probably and if I did i most likely got clapped馃槄
MrBeatThatUp 2 months ago
Haha V9 was on my team like 3 games in a row and dropped like 80+ every game. You鈥檇 be a good match for each other 馃槀

COD: Modern Warfare

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