149 views 聽路聽 28 days ago 12
DirrtysGirl 28 days ago
don't quit now.. you finally got me 馃槀馃槀. this isn't the ideal shirt to wear if you're trying to hide in this game but I only wear it so the killers have something to stare at while they chase me 馃か馃き
DirrtysGirl 10 days ago
nooooo, you should download it again and come play!! it's a lot more fun when you have others to play with 馃槀 and playing the killer is even better lol
N3XTLVLXMIND3DX 9 days ago
@DirrtysGirl I'll totally think about it. I need more memory first lol
DirrtysGirl 9 days ago
well lmk if you do! @N3XTLVLXMIND3DX I know there's something on your Xbox that you don't play that you can take off lol
N3XTLVLXMIND3DX 9 days ago
@DirrtysGirl lol guaranteed I'll let you know. and there might be but I need to finish one or two of em first haha

Dead by Daylight

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