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DirrtysGirl 11 months ago
I've been doing lots of grinding for my battle pass challenges..started out 7 weeks behind but I've gotten all but 2 done 😊 I've spent A LOT of time in rumble so I'm diggin the new mode, hopefully it stays!
thanks for all the support and for checking out my clips! for more 🔥 content, check out these content creators!
@Abu_Dhayfah @BigBootyBandit @ElMerknDiablo @Rogue_Rhaphsody @lowgain @ScubbaStevee @twidlesmighty @PrintsVEGETAx44 @KohaiSenpie @Elusive @soccer1409 @Wig @FadedAmbitions @RBMC_Jones216 @F_P_the_Ghost @Kettlechip1 @IIG4meM4sterII @Avoid @MsAvoided @xOTFxGang @Youngk2323 @MikeNY @Apricity @Tupac313 @EssythePher @Cpt_BareBack
EaZy55 11 months ago
gahhh leee😮 yoo. you put that work in 🔥🔥


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