eskeetittttttttt 🤘🏼

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DirrtysGirl 1 year ago
so does it count as an ace if there are only 4? 😂😂 real question bcz I have no idea lol. either way I got em all, didn't show my first kill but I at least waited for him to get outta his drone to give him the biznass 😊. this is what happens when you leave me unsupervised, I clutch it without witnesses 😒 @BigBootyBandit @GoldSolrac210 left me to pick up @DrunkenEspi and questioned what was taking me so long 🤷🏻‍♀️
follow the squad 🤙🏼 @BigBootyBandit @Abu_Dhayfah @ElmerknDiablo @Youngk2323 @twiddlesmighty @PrintsVEGETAx44 @lilbroslumped @BroodyLattice
DirrtysGirl 1 year ago
@xOTFxGang all by myseelllffff 😊 lol
xOTFxGang 1 year ago
DrunkenEspi 1 year ago
haha nice

R6: Siege

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