Another AKM appreciation post ❤️

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DOOM 27 days ago
What’s your favorite AR?
TERPYSQUIRTS 25 days ago
Blahaha wow @DOOM ppl are toxic and they obviously don’t play the game enough to figure out the recoil they just say it can’t be done 🤦‍♂️ fuck em 👍
actuallywill 22 days ago
@DOOM doomi can top that, i uploaded an apex clip of a wingman hipfire headshot and this dude told me it was physicallu impossible to hipfire and land shots the way i was, so i eas "obviously a cheater".
lol it wasnt even that good of a wingman kill either... haha
Scizor 11 days ago
6x AKM 🙌
TGDatDude4j 10 days ago
Man after these updates I stopped using her. She don’t get the job done like she use too I’m back with the hector vector


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