Squad wipe with a nasty quick scope..

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Drakeules 1 year ago
Ended up winning this game team all died instantly lol. next post will prolly be my intense clutch. LIKE and REPOST! make sure to check out some of my other content as well and hmu to play sometime. as always tho show the squad some love @tdfalse @elusive @soccer1409 @stunt @tsteers @jbear @contestant @daddytriz @kills
Drakeules 1 year ago
JAYFROMCLT 1 year ago
You don’t understand how many times I have to do this smh😂😂 I need Teammates like y’all
Drakeules 1 year ago
yeah dude I was on my phone and jumped out around salty and glided back to pleasant my team was dead as I landed clutched the solo squad with I think 6 kills. @JAYFROMCLT
crazyboiabel 1 year ago
thats right steelers


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