Found A Couple Bugs And I Squashed Them 馃馃悳

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TTG_Dubble 5 months ago
There is no hiding from the Uberpan of Bullet Deflection!
Check out The Tasteless Gentlemen 馃帺馃
@TTG_B1G_TuNa @TTG_Bareback @TTG_Damageplan @TTG_Diablo @TTG_Diirtbagg @TTG_Tupac313 @TTG_xSixtySevenx @TTG_Frankscroll
Hang out with me on stream! Drop by and chat with me or...... Request me to stream via Direct message!
No set hours yet
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TTG_Dubble 5 months ago
Some other homies to check out cuz they have top tier content too
@ZH4V @EZbangs @Covbeast @STEAM @Nxlir @JayyDogg @DrCovfefe @Ajaxtheripper
JuiceJohnson007 5 months ago
This game good? @DubbleJumpChump
MrBeatThatUp 5 months ago
TTG_Dubble 5 months ago
I have fun with it @JuiceJohnson007
only thing that brings the game down is it has an aim assist feature and everyone spams it for easy kills.

Cuisine Royale (Game Preview)

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