M16 Is The New Bae ♥️

I've been merking with this gun lately.

this is how drops go for us lol.

first bitch thought he was gonna shoot my homie with no weapon.... nah u better face the music.

2nd guy, well ..... he got m16 burst hip fire to the face!
25 days ago
Check out The Tasteless Gentlemen 🎩🧐

@TTG_B1G_TuNa @TTG_Bareback @TTG_Damageplan @TTG_Diablo @TTG_Diirtbagg @TTG_Tupac313 @TTG_xSixtySevenx @TTG_Frankscroll

Hang out with me on stream! Drop by and chat with me or...... Request me to stream via Direct message!

No set hours yet https://www.twitch.tv/DubbleJumpChump

Turn post notifications on if you don't want to miss any clips 🔔
25 days ago
Go check out these Savage Players, Thirst Gang And Hella Entertainment Squad!

Thirst Gang:

@DOOM @TGDatDude4j @UNI @TGFxi

The Hella Entertainment Squad:

@HellaSponge @HellaHits @HellaJoints @HellaMythic @HellaButter
25 days ago
Some other homies to check out cuz they have top tier content too

@ZH4V @EZbangs @Covbeast @STEAM @Nxlir @JayyDogg @DrCovfefe @Ajaxtheripper
25 days ago
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