16 kills in just over a minute

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ETTBigBadBot 1 month ago
I went ham this game, the lag got me killed at the end, could have been a 20 bomb! This game mode is fun when you're a legend
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@ETTJennyHolmes @xScottishStevie
@Blunt @TheMilkManANE @Xanatos889
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Vehm_Gz 26 days ago
😳Number 4 isn’t bad bro good shit ‼️
ETTBigBadBot 26 days ago
I'm real proud of this clip ❤
Vehm_Gz 26 days ago
As you should be I submitted one of mine but it didn’t make it cuz it was a montage😩😭
ETTBigBadBot 26 days ago
Gutting bro 😪

Apex Legends

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