Tried to rush and save turbo only ended up avenging his death with the duo wipe

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F_P_The_Ghost 11 months ago
Please like/repost, and comment on my clips. Tell me what you like or don’t. Show love and I will do the same. Follow me and my clutch fam for some great clips. 🔥🔥
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Thanks for the support, and love. Happy gaming everyone. ❤️👻
DrCovfefe 11 months ago
You did all that with a broken ankle 😂😂
F_P_The_Ghost 11 months ago
Lol I feel it was more of a high ankle sprain the doc said to stay off it but couldn’t let my boy go out like that
DrCovfefe 11 months ago
DOOM 11 months ago
revenge is the next best thing 👍👌


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