Dva triple+orisa bongo

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F1sh3r 22 days ago
Hi, ur cool, if you follow these people then you are cooler.
@ItsJoelYt @Hoodies @DripRaxs @Night_ @Zero @Kenma @stefbeachy @WOLHFZ @ProHanzo @CosmicElara @Ex6plo6sion6 @ScottyHanzo @Chowchowpate @LadyTajmeow @CodeNameKitty @PrinceRebel @OffRedPanda @smolchicken99 @Ricario29 @nomnomnomon
F1sh3r 22 days ago
How am I using your captions?? I use these on basically every post
ItsJoelYt 21 days ago
Idk lol I’m just playing
ItsJoelYt 21 days ago
I’m so tired 💤
ScottyHanzo 20 days ago
oyyy nice nuke broski 🥰


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