1 Grenade 4 kills 馃槀

187 views 聽路聽 6 months ago 17
FlapJackson69 6 months ago
Didn鈥檛 expect to get the whole squad 馃槄
Check out my team Devils Cartel:
@Slop @DATDUDEJT23 @LT_Sandstorm
Shoutout to the homies:
@YaBoiTurbo @Doughboy_Nation @TridentSlayz @MrBeatThatUp @Kettlechip1 @GreatestWarrior @PubGdYaMoTHa @Lvl3Goldfish @TERPYSQUIRTS @OGsNinja @CoFrie1104 @DocNeo2k @DubbleJumpChump @PTKCinGodd @MikeNY @PubGdYaMoTHa
Give the boys a follow!
sammylsj 6 months ago
That was awesome 馃槀
FlapJackson69 6 months ago
@sammylsj Thank you 馃檹 I鈥檝e only been able to kill an entire squad with 1 grenade a few times.. this one was last night. My squad was dying laughing
sammylsj 6 months ago
I bet they were!
TridentSlayz 5 months ago
sick dude馃ぃ


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