Jumped straight over him 馃槀

294 views 聽路聽 6 months ago 26
FlapJackson69 6 months ago
These two were sneaking around in the grass and scared the hell out of me 馃槄 They didn鈥檛 hit me at all 馃槀
Check out my team Devils Cartel:
@Slop @DATDUDEJT23 @LT_Sandstorm @DangleSuresh
Shoutout to the homies:
@YaBoiTurbo @Doughboy_Nation @TridentSlayz @MrBeatThatUp @Kettlechip1 @GreatestWarrior @PubGdYaMoTHa @Lvl3Goldfish @TERPYSQUIRTS @OGsNinja @CoFrie1104 @DocNeo2k @DubbleJumpChump @PTKCinGodd
Give the boys a follow!
FlapJackson69 6 months ago
@LuciferDayStar 馃槀 I like it 馃槀
TridentSlayz 5 months ago
nice馃憦 well have to play sometime bro I've been on the apex grind haven't really touched pub in awhile but I always got the gunny!
FlapJackson69 5 months ago
Oh for sure dude! You鈥檙e always welcome to play with me man
TridentSlayz 5 months ago


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