Solo din din for 10k followers

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TTG_FrankScroll 1 year ago
Heres a little solo dinner i cooked up a few days ago. Its funny I won this as i was in a party with @blaziinbongz, and i was trying to hurry and finish to play a few squad matches with him and a mate of his.
Edit; I cant believe i didnt see the last guy while i was playing 馃槀
But thank you to everyone here on clutch for the support, follows, reposts and especially the guys i have and do game with. Ya鈥檒l rock.
Peace out homies
#pubg #playerunknowns #thebattlefield
Make sure to check out and follow some of the best content creators on Clutch ;
@Molly @Chrispa2250 @O @YaBoiTurbo @Elusive @Abu_Dhayfah @XP4KX @Rogue_Rhapsody @THodge3388
JayyDogg 11 months ago
good recovery, nice win man 馃憦馃徎
CrazyyBlackWolf 11 months ago
I heard his ass like 30 seconds ago
CrazyyBlackWolf 11 months ago
Ur lucky he got jumpy at last second
TTG_FrankScroll 11 months ago
Yeah i was lucky to win from that position. When i watched the clip i was pretty pissed i didn鈥檛 see that dude.
He should鈥檝e had me


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