Squad Wipe ☠️☠️

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TTG_FrankScroll 1 year ago
Without a doubt the best minute of PUBG Ive played 😁. Wiped a squad, saved my bro.
First time i’d used the Mutant for assault too, it clearly kicked some butt.
Three man squad with @Ghost_Jokerr & @barca_0308
Song; Mad Ammo
Artist; Celph Titled
#pubg #playerunknowns #thebattlefield
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TTG_FrankScroll 1 year ago
@xGHoSTxMALoNEx Thanks mate, Appreciate it
barca_0308 1 year ago
those back and forth leans 😂😂 like you're playing Rainbow Six Siege
MikeNY 1 year ago
Good song choice, it was a great mix👌
TTG_FrankScroll 1 year ago
Thanks mate @MikeNY


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