Bear with me 🙏🏼 (read description)

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Gimmeee 30 days ago
What’s up clutch fam. Haven’t been posting lately because I made the switch from console to PC. Between building the PC and set up I haven’t really had a chance to play much. Let me tell you it’s been a process switching from controller to mouse and keyboard. My hands can’t do what my mind wants them to do yet. 😂 I switch between controller and keyboard otherwise I’d be getting washed lol.🙄That being hard enough put on top of that how much of a slower game MW is. Will be posting on the reg again very soon. Appreciate the support guys!! 🙏🏼✌🏼
Gimmeee 29 days ago
Honestly bro, I have a friend that’s knows everything about PC’s. He helped me pick out exactly what I needed for what I was doing and helped me build. I’m not exactly an expert in that area. But I sure as hell can play the game well. 😂 @AbdulFF
Abdudar 29 days ago
Yo guys I was wondering my cod clips are not popping up and I tried the options Clutch gives but they don’t pop up.
Gimmeee 29 days ago
Sometimes it’s just bugged I went through it when the game first dropped @Abdudar
HeD_sh0tz__ 29 days ago
@Abdudar Yeah I was having problems with MW saving clips and other programs recognizing them to load them.. Fresh restarts on everything is all i can suggest..

COD: Modern Warfare

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