They Didn’t See That Double Touch Coming

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usernamehere 12 months ago
Check out the crew!
@Sazzafraz @RuthlessRedn3ck @SL4MDUNK28 @Andyyy @xDxnny_ @lyralto @Skee_Jesus @BigWOLFPACK79 @ZooFeek
Lyralto 12 months ago
Sazz says that all the time but I gotta push hard to even try keep up with him 😂
ATLFATALITY 10 months ago
I air roll every time I go up now out of habit and usually it doesn’t mess me up but my binding is free air roll for left bumper
RedRevalance 10 months ago
Awww your famous @GoldPhoenix306
RedRevalance 10 months ago
Congrats bro

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