I been trying to get some good clips. I basically have some basic clips that's kinda a daily thing of my gameplays. I hope that you enjoy my content. I'm not really aiming to becoming a professional fortnite gamer because of my experience. I'm not like the majority of the fortnite community that's been playing SINCE season two/ three-ish. I started playing in season four/ five, just to get a feel of the game. The game and I didn't really have much of a good relationship. As a late gamer and I can speak for players that played late, I believe that we can make something happen. We have it tough nowadays and we pull through.

- PSA: I'm interested in having a casual but competitive 1v1. It doesn't matter when you started, everyone likes a challenge especially me. Message me if you're interested.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of your day
8 months ago
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