Me n boo skrrting to your drop spot ;)

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Hoodies 5 months ago
Taking a little break while I’m out of town for my birthday 🎂🥳 I’ll be back soon w edits love and support ❤️
Go follow the clutch family ❤️
@kenma - ow, fort, bo4, r6, apex
@Xumbsy - destiny, apex, fort, ow
@keb - cod, fort, rl
@FlippantElm - fort, apex, bo4
@KUSHmanThePACK - fort
@pestilence - cod, fort
@SavagedDawg - fort, far cry, r6
@RivalRevival- bo4, ow, fort, apex, skate, etc
@togaHimiko002 - gtaV, ow, fort, apex
@MalcomXanX - fort, ow, destiny, apex, jump force, brawlhalla, skate, etc
Btw @Kenma is actually the best so please go follow her ;-; she’s such a sweetheart and has the best content 💕
PinkBoston 5 months ago
Happy Birthday!🥳
Piikayune 5 months ago
happy late bday even tho it was yesterday and i already said it have to join in 🙈
WestTheLycan 5 months ago
ctfuuuuuuu funny
Jaxsn 5 months ago
Sorry for the late happy birthday


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