I’m back ❤️

No clue if it’s worth it breaking down the clip this much but both zaryas had both teams grav’d with our mei’s ice wall between us and she dropped it right when my ult went off for the win 😇 perfect timing & unintentional coordination for the comp win gotta love it 😂

Go follow the clutch family ❤️

@kenma - ow, fort, bo4, r6, apex

@Xumbsy - destiny, apex, fort, ow

@keb - cod, fort, rl

@FlippantElm - fort, apex, bo4

@KUSHmanThePACK - fort

@pestilence - cod, fort

@SavagedDawg - fort, far cry, r6

@RivalRevival- bo4, ow, fort, apex, skate, etc

@togaHimiko002 - gtaV, ow, fort, apex

@MalcomXanX - fort, ow, destiny, apex, jump force, brawlhalla, skate, etc
4 months ago
You're on 🔥🔥🔥💕 4 months ago
lets play comp bb 🥵 4 months ago
We really do need to boo 💞 just lemme know when and I’ll be there 😇 @Kenma 4 months ago
INSANE!! 4 months ago
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