⚠️‼️Tomorrow Is Spam Sunday‼️⚠️

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I6AM6CHRIST6 1 month ago
All of my fellow spammers like this video so I know who you are I can’t remember everyone! if you don’t already know spamming is for broadening your viewers. Getting new people to watch you. Tomorrow is the day I sit back and watch football and spam the hell out of my amazing viewers. Have a great Saturday everyone, be sure to hug your friends and family ❤️🤘🏻
HeD_sh0tz__ 1 month ago
I'm still mad at Pete Carroll's decision to "throw away" the Superbowl when Lynch coulda danced it in backwards 😣 100 bones lost in one play..
I6AM6CHRIST6 1 month ago
Straight up I think the world may never get over that 😂 Pete must’ve been smoking some good shit before the game
HeD_sh0tz__ 1 month ago
I didn't pass it to him so it couldn't have been that good 😏 Lmfao.. He's a hell of a coach tho!
ylbeatz 26 days ago
good Snipes bro!


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