Clean edit clips🔥 (fortnite montage)

Here is another little montage for y’all I’m going to try to stay consistent with my montage clips and keep providing good quality montages 🔥‼️

Leave a like and comment wether or not y’all liked my montage and ways I can improve to better them 💯show some love by liking my montage and by giving me a follow if you want to see future content 🔊

Also, follow me on Twitter @isrraDH I’m trying to grow a following base on my twitter to keep you all updated on my content and such ❤️
6 months ago
@isrraDH are you in a fortnite clan 6 months ago
I like when you kill someone it slows down 6 months ago
@billionclark thank you 💯 6 months ago
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