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IToxicsandI 1 month ago
Chuck me a follow for more daily content
AkumaKuma 24 days ago
Yea, you kept killing me and I made it a goal to always kill you.
IToxicsandI 23 days ago
@AkumaKuma tbh that probably happened 馃槀
AkumaKuma 23 days ago
@IToxicsandI I think it was you who killed me the most that match. Believe you were using Ion? Can鈥檛 remember too well. It was funny though!
IToxicsandI 23 days ago
@AkumaKuma yeah I probably killed you a lot my bad馃槀& if it鈥檚 IMO it鈥檚 probably me馃槀

Titanfall 2

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