Quick Trips

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JBear 5 months ago
Trying to get my AR back to a laser... word of advice to people don’t take 2 months off from the game everything just feels a little off still n it’s weird af
JosephTPG 5 months ago
I hear ya buddy. I took a couple of months off of Fortnite in Season 8 and by the time I got back I didn’t recognize Fortnite anymore.
Keb 5 months ago
i took a month off thinking it would help refresh the game but nope still stale
JBear 5 months ago
Hahaha I get that @Keb rlly it’s just fun to play for me bc my friends play it n i can run it with them
JBear 5 months ago
@JosephTPG yeah it looks like a different game now which is sorta helping me get back into it a lil bc everyone has to get used to it


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