Joker Stuck in Batman's Mind

520 views  ·  4 months ago 24
KenTTuna 4 months ago
PT. 1 of Ken T's experience being uploaded right now. Less than 30 minutes of pure Batman Bad Assery. Took awhile but made it from my Xbox and phone. Should be HD ready tonight. Subscribe to the YouTube. Click YouTube logo on my Profile. Or Search Ken T Gaming on YouTube #batman
KenTTuna 4 months ago
takes 17 hours to beat. so trying to make a video where all the dope parts are in a shorter time to get that Arkham Knight Fix
orestes20 4 months ago
The best part is when he puts on the new suit for the first time
KenTTuna 4 months ago
oh ya. definitely got that part in my first vid
KenTTuna 4 months ago
looks way nice the quality on YouTube

Batman: Arkham Knight

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