Let's Hope this Wont Happen in 2mrw's $40,000 Tournament!! ~~~

It looked like my hands were bound together and no matter how I moved I was totally stuck lol.🥇 And, yes, you heard it right; Tomorrow myself as well as 7 of my NoX teammates will be playing in a $40k Blackout tournament. You can watch me between 4-8pm PT at www.twitch.tv/ikills

And regardless PLEASE everyone hit me with a follow. I'm still setting it up, but its good enough for the tournament. All of my teammates will also be streaming. We are very excited and hopefully we bring some money home for the team!! 🥇

💎 Clutch Ambassador, Beta Tester, Top Poster, Level 100+ ༒ NoX Fam!

🔹️Follow me on Twitch & Mixer then msg me and I will Spam you!!



💸 To send me a donation go to; www.Kills.ml

🔸️ I promote everyone who donates & I share all donations with NoXcuses eSports! ⚘


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4 months ago
Good luck, bro 4 months ago
GL mah dude! Keep us posted 4 months ago
@Kills how’s it lookin for you squad wise? You get your last two players? Registration closes at 2pm your time 4 months ago
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